Massage Therapy

Massage 1

Deep Tissue

Uses slow strokes and deep pressure to work on tight areas to release specific muscle tension and restore flexibility.

25 Minute Session: $45
50 Minute Session: $85
80 Minute Session: $125

Massage 4


Reiki is an ancient healing art based on the tradition of laying on of hands. It consists of laying hands on the head, shoulders, stomach, feet and possibly other areas that may have a specific condition. Reiki will help align the Chakras (7 major energy centers) for a complete feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. It is nonintrusive and is done with your clothing on. Stress, emotions and anxiety all contribute to “blocks” and can cause pain and illness. Reiki is a healing energy force that can unleash the “block” and create relaxation, as well as promote the body’s natural healing.

25 Minute Session: $45

50 Minute Session: $85

Massage 2


Traditional massage using long strokes, kneading and friction techniques on the superficial layers of muscle over the whole body. Best for increasing overall relaxation, flushing toxins and improving circulation.

25 Minute Session: $45
50 Minute Session: $85
80 Minute Session: $125

Massage 5


Our massage facials provide facial cleansing, toning, exfoliating, rejuvenating and moisturizing. A very soothing mask is gently applied, followed by the massaging of the back, neck, shoulders, hands and feet. 

50 Minute Session: $100

Massage 3


A unique form of massage utilizing 54 basalt stones. It is deeply relaxing, balancing and feels wonderful.

50 Minute Session: $150

Massage 6


A gentle massage for the mother-to-be that can relieve fatigue, enhance sleep and calm an active body.

25 Minute Session: $45

50 Minute Session: $85

80 Minute Session: $125

Raindrop Therapy - 25 Minute Session: $65

Outcall Sessions: $150 Per Hour (1 Hour Minimum)

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Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.  Payments must be made in cash or check only.

The Massage Center is a private company and is not owned by or affiliated with the Bolero Resort.